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Helping Hickory’s Hungry Is As Easy As Placing A Can Of Food On Your PORCH.

Number of Bags Donated

  • 2014
  • January - 2,473 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

    February - After our snowmageddon the week before the collection, we collected 3002 jars, bottles, cans, and boxes of food for the month of February. 500+ items more than January’s collection! Thanks to everyone that donated, picked up, dropped off, counted, sorted, checked dates, organized, and filled bags!

    March - 2,798 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

    April - 2,529 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

  • 2013
  • March - 2,505 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

    April - 2,317 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

    June - 1,877 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

    July - 1,905 cans, boxes,
    bags of food donated!

Between 2000 and 2012 Catawba county saw a 485% increase
(4,956 to 28,970) in Food Assistance recipients. 44.6% were 20 years of age or younger.

PORCH (People Offering Relief From Community Hunger) is a Catawba county non-profit food assistance program designed to help needy families with children in areas of greatest need, not presently being adequately served by existing organizations.

PORCH is an all-volunteer, grass-roots hunger relief organization whose mission is to collect and distribute food to assist families living in poverty in the Catawba county community.

Through the generosity of our neighbors, PORCH supports several local food pantries, as well as Cooperative Christian Ministries.

This community-wide hunger relief effort has dozens of residents living in several neighborhoods scattered throughout Hickory, NC participating in PORCH's monthly food drives. Local churches, foundations, synagogues, schools, non-profits and businesses are also joining this growing coalition to fight hunger.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.”
- Mother Teresa

Upcoming PORCH 2014 sort and pantry pick-up dates

JUNE 17, 2014
JULY 15, 2014
AUG. 19, 2014

PORCH pick-ups occur on Tuesdays.

Check with your coordinator for pick up dates in your neighborhood.

Please email us if you would like a PORCH car magnet.

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